About Us and Road Marking Safety

Hitex International Group is focused on promoting road marking safety and building our worldwide reputation in road marking through the provision of high performance reflective road marking, anti-skid/ high friction surfacing, coloured demarkation material and permanent road repair products.

Our complete range of end-to-end solutions is provided to both UK and international clients, and incorporates material development, material sales, application vehicles and equipment, contracting services, training and support services.

Saving Lives On Our Roads

Road marking safety i.e. preventing accidents and fatalities on our road network, is an absolute priority to our group.

Hitex International Group’s manufacturing, engineering and contracting divisions are focused on putting the safety and well-being of all road users at the core of ongoing development programmes.

Research, development and manufacture of road safety markings and surfacing

Established in 2004, Hitex Traffic Safety manufactures a full range of lining, surfacing, road repair and decorative surfacing products.

With dedicated research and development facilities, Hitex Traffic Safety continues to improve the durability and performance of road safety products, tailoring formulations to suit the specific requirements of contractors around the world.

Hitex Traffic Safety is co-located with L&R Roadlines, the Group’s road marking contractors, within extensive, purpose-built facilities in Ellesmere Port.

Contracting services for road marking, high friction surfacing and road surface repair

Established in 1972, L&R Roadlines Limited has become one of the UK’s largest and most trusted road marking and road surfacing contractors.

With a reputation for professionalism and integrity, L&R Roadlines has a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects to the public and private sectors. As an integral part of many organisations’ key supply chains, the company is highly experienced in working collaboratively with major contractors as well as local government authorities.  L&R Roadlines were a founder member of the Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA), and the first road lining contractors to gain Quality Assurance accreditation.

Application vehicles and equipment, vehicle refurbishment and servicing

Somerford Equipment was acquired by Hitex International Group in 2010. Established over 40 years ago, the company has become synonymous throughout the industry for providing road marking vehicles and equipment that offer exceptional quality and deliver the highest level of performance.

Somerford Equipment is focused on bringing efficient, safe and innovative designs to the market, and remain at the forefront of the latest technological advances in the industry.

Specialist installation of decorative road and pavement surfacing

Textureprint Ltd was formed in 2002 and specialises in the installation of maintenance-free, coloured, textured and natural stone surfacing. Using the Hitex Traffic Safety range of commercial quality decorative products, Textureprint provide attractive, durable and maintenance-free alternatives to traditional surfacing solutions.

Textureprint have worked on many prestigious projects both across the UK and internationally, including the installation of the TexPrint Roundel traffic safety engineering solution specifically designed for 20mph zones.

Enhanced Performance

Performance enhanced profiled road markings to protect the vulerable road user in wet/night conditions.

Accident Reduction

BBA Type 1 hot and cold applied high friction- one of the most economical and effective ways to save lives on our roads.

BBA/HAPAS approved

Innovative range of BBA road repair products to permanently and economically repair potentially dangerous road surface failures

Cyclist Safety

Development of thermoplastic, epoxy and MMA coloured skid resistant surfacing to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians in zoned areas.

Speed Reduction Engineering

Development of the HitexPrint speed roundel system using unique engineering to enforce 20mph zones.

World Wide Application

Research and development for products for overseas countries experiencing high volumes of road fatalities.