In April 2019 one of the world’s oldest, ground-breaking car magazines, Autocar Magazine, teamed up with Hitex International Group.  The aim; to provide their readers from all over the world a more in depth understanding of where the ‘white lines’ on our global road networks come from.

Autocar was first published in 1895 and has delivered weekly insights into road tests on cars, motorsports and industry related features (such as road marking) ever since.  The magazine is now published in 17 countries around the world including China, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

It was Guild of Motoring Writers’ Journalist of the Year 2018, John Evans from Autocar who first approached Hitex to see if he could write a piece on how road markings came to be on our roads.  With even John himself taking the popular belief that road markings were ‘just paint’ we invited him in for the day to show him the science behind the hot applied thermoplastic and cold applied thermosetting markings and surfaces that keep us safe on the roads.

To quote the article, John himself said, “Road markings are just paint that you slap on the road, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong, as we found out”.  John was given a tour of the manufacturing facility, our hi-tech laboratory and with the help of the RSMA, we hope was given an insightful day for both himself and the thousands of readers of Autocar Magazine.

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