Environmental Policy | Hitex International Group

Hitex International Group’s Environmental Policy sets out clear guidelines which are applicable across all our operating divisions. Within this framework, each individual Group company adheres to those policies that are applicable to their particular operational activities. The policies are regularly reviewed as we continue to conduct our business in a responsible manner in order to minimise our impact on the environment.

Hitex International ISO14001 environmental accreditation logo

Hitex International Group is committed to implementing an Environmental Management System compliant with ISO14001 that will achieve the following key objectives:

  • To fulfil all compliance obligations including complying with all applicable environmental legislation which are pertinent to our environmental aspects, as a minimum standard of our day to day business operations
  • To continually improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system to enhance our environmental performance using environmental objectives, internal audits and management review
  • Commit to protection of the environment including prevention of pollution and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Continue to design, research and develop our products to optimise environmental performance and minimise adverse environmental impacts, particularly in respect of raw materials
  • Regularly audit our processes to monitor environmental performance and ensure the prevention of pollution
  • Understand and manage responsibly all areas of environmental risk related to the significant environmental aspects of our products and processes
  • Encourage all employees and contractors to act in accordance with the Environmental Policy and provide information and training to facilitate the achievement of our environmental objectives
  • Engage with our suppliers over their environmental performance and work with, and support, them to reduce the environmental impacts of our products

This Group Environmental Policy will be communicated to all persons who work on behalf of the Company and displayed at suitable locations so as to be available to the general public. All employees, customers and contractors are invited to contribute ideas for better environmental practices on our sites.

To download our group environmental policy click here.