Road Marking Material Export & Global Services

Hitex International provides overseas clients with an end-to-end solution of road marking material export, installation vehicles, equipment and operator training.

Offering our global customer base a single source approach allows them to achieve maximum product potential and a more economical way of working.  Full customer support is available to ensure product installation meets international standards of best practice, and the safe and correct operation of all application machinery.

Road Marking Material Export and End to End Solutions

Road Marking Material Export Solutions for Your Region

Hitex International’s material research and development chemists use their expertise to adapt Hitex products for use in a wide range of climates, diverse terrains and traffic conditions. This often involves working closely with the customer to determine the precise local environmental, terrain and traffic conditions of where the material is to be laid.

It is this attention to detail that ensures optimal performance of our products, no matter where they are used.

Hot Climates

Formulas for road marking material export to hot climates involves factoring in a number of different technical and performance issues. Because of this, Hitex International tailor formulations to resist against softening whilst still retaining strength and flexibility.

Hitex International uses high quality, UV stable pigments blended in the correct quantities to minimise fading from prolonged exposure to intense sunshine. This ensures the highest performance for coloured road surfacing and marking products, including ColourTex, ColourCote, VeloGrip and PumaTrack along with decorative products such as HitexPrint.

ColourTex Red high friction surfacing has recently been successfully laid at high accident risk areas across India, where extra care was taken to formulate a material that could withstand strong sunlight, poor existing surfaces, and frequent overloading of vehicles.

Cold Climates

When exporting to sub-arctic regions such as northern Scandinavia, Canada and Iceland, formulations need to be given added strength and flexibility so they can endure prolonged snow cover, studded tyres, road gritting and snow ploughs. Hitex International also ensures the highest level of adhesion is achieved under these harsh environmental conditions.

Hitex International also develops formulations for regions that experience both extremes of temperature.Such environments require a crucial balance between a material which will soften in hot weather, and one which becomes brittle in low temperatures. Adapting material in this way requires extensive skill and experience.

Road Marking Vehicles & Equipment


Somerford Equipment vehicles and equipment have an excellent reputation for reliability and durability all around the world.
All road marking and surfacing vehicles and equipment are modified for optimal use in the countries where they will be used. In operating environments where extreme cold is experienced, enhancements such as insulated fuel lines and heating elements fitted to fuel injectors are provided. In hot climates, compressors are modified with additional fans and vents to enable efficient working.

Somerford Equipment supplies all gas operated equipment complete with appropriate country-specific adapters. Vehicle chassis are available in left or right hand drive as well as dual-steered/dual-sided to enable marking operation to either side of the carriageway. All export models of road marking equipment are supplied with the appropriate specification, oil and lubricants to suit the destination country.

Somerford Equipment is the UK agent for RME Sweden


Somerford Equipment Operator Training

Somerford Equipment provide certificated operator training to ensure the safety of operators and maximise the service life through efficient day-to-day maintenance routines. Please contact Somerford directly for details.

Textureprint Decorative System Training For Overseas Contractors

Textureprint Ltd is a leading specialist installer of the HitexPrint system – a tactile surface dressing designed to mimic the appearance of block paving, cobbles, brick setts or paving. Overseas contractors are provided with structured practical training by experienced operatives and ongoing after sales support to help maximise the potential of this innovative decorative system.

L&R Roadlines Contractor Training

L&R Roadlines provide contractors around the world with training in the installation of the Hitex Traffic Safety range of road markings, road safety surfacing, high friction surfacing and TexBand open joint, crack and pothole repair systems. This includes site preparation and safety, correct use and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, application and aftercare of road marking and surfacing products.

Visit our training services page for more information.

Success Stories

Hitex International Group currently exports materials, vehicles and equipment to the following regions:


  • Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
  • Central Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland
  • Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Russia
  • Southern Europe: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Turkey
  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, China, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam
  • Middle East: Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, Oman
  • North Africa
  • Southern Africa: South Africa
  • East Africa: Kenya
  • West Africa: Ghana
  • North and Central America: Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, USA
  • South America: Argentina, Chile, Falklands, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago
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