Global Road Safety Partnerships

Hitex International Group’s global road safety partnerships and joint ventures allow us to share knowledge and experience across sectors providing our customers with a leading global service.


Hitex North America logo

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Hitex North America provides customers throughout the USA and Canada easy access to the full Hitex material range of innovative, high quality products including preformed markings, high friction surfacing materials, road crack and joint repair systems and decorative road surfacing materials.

Both Hitex North America and Hitex Traffic Safety are members of the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) and are actively promoting products and systems to enhance road safety across North America and Canada.

Chris Agnew, Managing Director, Hitex North America

Metalite Hitex logo

Metalite Hitex is a joint venture partnership between Trans Metalite India and Hitex Traffic Safety based at our new, automated manufacturing facility in Bawal, Haryana. The partnership was formed to deliver innovative road marking, road safety surfacing and repair products specifically tailored for the Indian and Asian highway construction and maintenance industries.

Metalite Hitex Group works towards improving the safety and whole life cost economics of Indian/Asian highways sector through the promotion, distribution and installation of durable, premium quality high friction safety surfacing, road crack and pothole repair systems and retroreflective high performance road marking grades.

Dominic Haynes, Group Marketing Manager, Hitex International Group


Hitex Traffic Safety has a key strategic partnership with Protasco Trading, part of Protasco Berhad- the Malaysian-based provider of integrated engineering and infrastructure related services.

As Malaysia’s foremost provider of road maintenance services, the partnership enables HItex International Group to extend its reach across Asia, providing exclusive access to the full range of high friction surfacing, road repair materials and road markings. The partnership focuses on promoting innovative and cost-effective solutions designed to help reduce the number of accidents on roads throughout the country, particularly during monsoon season.

Amirul Rafik, Senior Manager, Head Technical Division, Protasco Trading Sdn Bhd

Road Marking Equipment Sweden logoBased in Malmo, Sweden, Road Marking Equipment (RME) develops and manufactures a full range of road marking vehicles, equipment and tools. Through highly specialised engineering and extensive industry experience, RME has developed some of the industry’s most advanced technologies in thermoplastic application equipment. RME´s products are sold in over 10 different countries worldwide to customers who greatly value reliability, efficiency and economy in their equipment and vehicle needs. With a shared reputation for quality and commitment to excellence, RME perfectly complements our already comprehensive range of vehicles and equipment.

Contact: Jörgen Svensson, CEO, RME