Hi-Flex preformed thermoplastic logos go down at the ‘All American Hand Car Wash’ around Cheshire and the Wirral.

Established way back in 1994 the ‘All American Hand Car Wash’ was inspired by the level of service and attention to detail received at a car wash in Florida during a family trip.  Spotting a niche for a car wash that went way above and beyond the traditional British car wash the  All American Hand Car Wash was born.  On Sunday 14th January L&R Roadlines, part of the Hitex International Group, installed logo’s at the All American Car Wash in Birkenhead adding that extra bit of attention to detail to their service, a spokes person from the All American Hand Car Wash saying, “When delivering a 1st class service you need a 1st class working environment!”.

Whether the design is simple or intricate, Hitex can offer personalised designs for logo’s for any business that can be installed in a matter of minutes.  Quick and easy to lay, simply send us an image or drawing of your logo and we can turn it into a permanent thermoplastic logo that is not only durable but looks great.

The Hi-Flex preformed thermoplastic range is a durable, easy to apply material with excellent adhesion, flow and colour properties.  The range is available in many different formats such as tapes for the reinstatement of lines and markings and is great for fast and simple installation of new letters / numbers / symbols.

For more information on the All American Hand Car Wash visit http://www.all-american.co.uk or for more information on installing a logo for your business email info@hitexinternational.com .