Hitex International is playing a key role in the National Highways Academy’s Highway Skills initiative by extending its apprenticeship programme. The organisation now recruits apprentices for all areas of the business including Hitex Traffic Safety, Somerford Equipment, L&R Roadlines and TexturePrint.

According to Hitex International: ‘We are a proud sponsor of the NHA Highway Skills programme and place great importance on our apprentice programmes which aim to give young people the skills they need to make a career in this industry. This is being achieved through the provision of highly-structured, internationally recognised training programmes, apprenticeships and work-based training that provide a vital injection of fresh talent and expand the skill-base to achieve continued growth.”

Nathan Royds, Development Chemist and a current apprentice at Hitex Traffic Safety, added: “Hitex sponsoring me through my final year of university has given me a great opportunity to gain my higher education qualifications and gain invaluable work experience within the chemical industry without incurring the high levels of debt that come with full time university study. I would recommend this type of apprenticeship to anyone looking to move into the chemical industry, as I have found that the experience gained from work is just as important as what is studied on the course.”

Hitex International also actively provides staff with on the job training, including day release programmes and work-based qualifications. This enables them to acquire and develop new skills and open up opportunities for career progression in areas such as product development, manufacturing and engineering processes.

“We continue to play a leading role in the road markings industry by pro-actively encouraging more people to work in this sector,” continued Hitex. “By offering attractive opportunities and ongoing career-path development, we are able to recruit the best people across all areas of our business.”