Hitex International has launched HiFlex, a new range of pre-formed thermoplastic markings which has achieved full BASt certification at the highest P7 level of 4 million wheel-overs. This demonstrates that the markings comply with the most stringent sustainable road building, constructional durability and quality requirements. The certification follows on from HiFlex being awarded a similar P7 level certification from the Spanish AETEC wear turntable authorities.

HiFlex is quick to apply with a torch or burner without requiring specialist application equipment. It can require less heat to melt, reducing the risk of overheating. Hitex International has formulated the material to ensure that the surface applied glass beads remain suspended throughout the heating process to ensure maximum retroreflectivity and higher road safety attributes.

Hitex International has also produced a comprehensive range of pre-formed symbols and logos. They have been designed to be highly flexible to better maintain their shape during storage or transportation, unlike traditional symbols, which can have a tendency to become brittle and break.

Early HiFlex adopters include Sutton Road Markings, one of Western Canada’s leading providers of road marking and surfacing solutions. According to the company’s President, Phil Sutton-Atkins: “HiFlex does not need to be heated for as long as other symbols we have used and is less susceptible to cracking or breaking when handled. It also produces a more visible road marking in less time to increase productivity and reduce traffic disruption.”

HiFlex can be used for small repairs after localised damage following utility works and small scale applications such as car parks, and provides an economical way to carry out smaller marking jobs without the need for specialist application crew or heavy machinery. Available in a full range of lead/heavy metal-free colours and designs, HiFlex is also ideal for educational playground markings for schools and parks, and walking bus routes.

“This new range of easy to apply pre-formed thermoplastic road markings deliver market-leading levels of performance with excellent adhesion, flow and colour stability for smaller repair areas,” added John Lloyd, Managing Director at Hitex Traffic Safety. “We are delighted that HiFlex has achieved BASt certification which further consolidates our leading position in global markets.”

HiFlex can be formulated for use in different climates or individual customer performance specifications.

About The BASt
Established in 1951, the Federal Highway Research Institute or Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) is the practice-oriented, technical-scientific research institute of the German Government in the field of road engineering. Its mission is the improvement of safety, environmental compatibility, efficiency and performance relating to roads. The BASt is a leading member of the network of national and European research institutes for road engineering and is significantly involved on a worldwide basis in drawing up regulations and standards. All road marking samples are wear-tested to these standards under controlled conditions and the resulting certifications are widely accepted across Europe.