Hitex North America, a partner of the Hitex International Group, has recently installed several rainbow crossings at Kamloops International Airport, British Columbia, Canada.  Kamloops, a major travel hub and summer resort town, famous for its golf courses and excellent summer weather, unveiled the new rainbow crossings on Friday 13th April with Kamloops Airport Managing Director, Heather McCarley, calling it an “exciting” moment for the airport.

“We are very excited to be unveiling our rainbow crosswalk. We think the location is in the perfect spot because we are in the business of providing a positive and warm welcome to passengers through and to the Kamloops Airport.”  She also added the crosswalk fits with the airport’s goal of “enhancing the customer experience,” and notes the crosswalk was just “a modest expense.”

The crossing is an exceptional display of diversity, inclusion and welcoming.  The Hitex Traffic Safety product used for the crossing points was PumaTrack, a modified MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) surface treatment that is simply installed using a squeegee and roller.  PumaTrack is available in a range of standard colours and was originally designed for schemes such as cycle paths and walkways.  Ray Flores, Business Development Manager for Hitex NA adding, “The product is very versatile, and it is fantastic to see PumaTrack being used in so many diverse ways.”

“The PumaTrack product has exceptionally fast curing times meaning that traffic is disrupted for a very small amount of time during installation which is vital to somewhere as busy as an airport.”  As well as looking aesthetically pleasing and quick and simple installation times PumaTrack is “engineered to deliver the highest levels of durability, adhesion and colour stability in any temperature environment for a long service life,” according to Flores.

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