Environmental Policy

Hitex International Group is committed to operating in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We recognise that concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of good business management and ensure that environmental issues are considered carefully across the organisation.

Our Group Environmental Policy sets out clear guidelines which are applicable to all our operating divisions. Within this framework, each individual Group company adheres to those policies that are applicable to their particular operational activities. These policies are regularly reviewed as we continue to conduct our business in a responsible manner in order to minimise our impact on the environment.

Hitex International Group is committed to implementing an Environmental Management System compliant with ISO14001 that will achieve the following key objectives:

  • Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and other relevant requirements which impact our day to day business operations
  • Continuous improvement of operational processes to increase energy efficiency and reduce resource use
  • Ongoing design, research and development of products to optimise environmental performance and minimise adverse environmental impact, particularly in respect of raw materials
  • Regularly process audits to monitor environmental performance and minimise pollution
  • Understand and responsibly manage all areas of environmental risk related to our products and processes
  • Encouragement of all employees and contractors to act in accordance with our Environmental Policy
  • Provision of information and training to facilitate the achievement of our environmental objectives and targets
  • Assessment of the environmental performance of our suppliers and co-operatively support their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our products

This Group Environmental Policy will be communicated to all persons who work on behalf of the Company and displayed at suitable locations so as to be available to the general public. All employees, customers and contractors are invited to contribute ideas for better environmental practices on our sites.

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