As one of the UK’s largest and most trusted road marking and road surfacing contractors L&R Roadlines are investing in the future of the road marking and surfacing industry.  L&R Roadlines has an enviable reputation for professionalism and integrity.   The company has a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects to the public and private sectors and is also highly experienced in working collaboratively with major contractors as well as local authorities. 

At L&R we believe in a total customer focus and we are committed to providing what our clients want, when they need it and in the most effective manner to ensure that our skills and technology works for them.  The fact that the majority of our clients have been working with us for many years, pays testament to the fact that we must be doing something right.

We have always had a policy of bring our highly skilled operatives into our offices to use their experience to plan and deploy projects in the best way possible.  It has become very apparent that to make sure L&R was to develop in the way our clients were developing we needed to spread the net even wider and look beyond the traditional methods of recruiting experienced operatives and office staff.   

Apprenticeships have come back into favour with many specialist engineering/contracting businesses who have realised the importance of trained, qualified employees with unique skill sets.  L&R have developed and run our own apprenticeship scheme and now work closely with local colleges and universities and we are investing more into training programmes and our apprenticeship schemes now than at any time in the past.  We currently have 4 apprentices, and we are on the lookout for others to join our team to access a wider pool of talented young people that all bring something new and different.  Our current team of apprentices are as follows (pictured above):

  • Matthew Doughty, Business Level 3, Cheshire College
  • Ash Thomas, AAT Level 2,  Cheshire College (Course now completed)
  • Becky Edwards, Business and Admin NVQ Level 3, Cheshire College
  • Rob Delahunt, Level 3 Safety, Health and Environment (SHE), Deere Apprenticeships

A recent focus of our training is Health and Safety.  We work hard to build a healthy, resilient, high-performing workforce and this includes ensuring our workplace is the best and safest it can be for our employees and the environment.  John Cawley, Health and Safety Manager for L&R Roadlines and the Hitex International Group said, ”Health and Safety is a fundamental core value for Hitex International Group and forms an integral part of our organisation.  We instil the value of Health and Safety into all our staff, at all levels of our organisation and it’s at the forefront of all our activities, every day.  We continuously strive to improve our processes, demonstrate leadership and promote safety.  Hitex International Group pride themselves by employing people from local areas, encouraging apprenticeships and continuing the professional development of all staff members.  We care about the Health and Safety of all our employees and are committed to protecting them from occupational health hazards as well as encouraging them to look after their own health.” 

The apprenticeship scheme is not only used by L&R Roadlines but is important to the whole Hitex International Group with both Somerford Equipment and Hitex Traffic Safety investing in the future with apprenticeships and training courses on offer for all staff.  Hitex International Group Marketing Manager, Dominic Haynes adding, “Both hands on training and education is important and our group believes in investing in its staff to ensure they are both confident and capable in their role.  Apprenticeships and training are available in every department of our organisation from accounts to our state-of-the-art machinery.  Our aim is to ensure our staff and apprentices know every aspect of their role to not only secure their future, but to secure the future of our Group too.”

If you would like more information on our apprenticeships and careers within our group please contact us at and follow our website’s job vacancies page at: