A need for quality, dependable engineering solutions meant that when Amey needed a new specialist road marking vehicle for road marking duties they looked no further than Somerford Equipment.

The infrastructure support service leader’s new vehicle has been assigned to the Birmingham Highways Maintenance and Management Service, Europe’s largest local government highways partnership.  Under the contract with Birmingham City Council, Amey is responsible for maintaining and managing 2,500 km of roads, as well as 4,200 km of footways, 95,000 street lights, 76,000 street trees, some 1,100 traffic light signals, and more than 1,000 bridges, tunnels and highways structures.

Designed with such heavy workloads in mind, a Mercedes Antos 1824 was provided by Dealer group Rygor Commercials and then fitted with a bespoke body by specialist road marking vehicle and equipment manufacturer, Somerford Equipment.  The Antos has an extended M- ClassicSpace day cab with optional centre seat. It employs a high-torque, 7.7-litre straight-six-cylinder engine, which produces 175 kW (238 hp), and is paired with a Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission.

The design of the vehicle’s bespoke body incorporated input from Amey operatives when drawing up the specification with Somerford Equipment, the UK’s industry leading builder of road marking vehicles.  The tailored truck is equipped with three fixed oil-fired units for heating the thermoplastic material used for road marking – one each for white, yellow and a third colour, usually blue or red. A fourth, demountable preheater was also allocated to be used to install lifesaving high friction surfacing material typically laid at junctions, roundabouts and slip roads.

As well as quality and durability, a precise timeline was also key to the project, a timeline that was duly kept by Somerford to deliver the bespoke vehicle right on schedule.  Amey Supply Chain Manager Jason Clement said: “Not only do Mercedes-Benz trucks offer the well-proven reliability which is crucial to our operations, but they are also fuel-efficient and cost-effective to run, and impressively equipped in terms of safety systems.  The road marking team in Birmingham are delighted with their new truck, not least because we involved them in its design – we listened to what they had to say, then built them the road marking vehicle they wanted.”

Michael Oakes, General Manager of Somerford Equipment added: “At Somerford we are committed to setting the highest of standards.  We work closely with our customers to ensure that every aspect of the project brief is met to put a vehicle on the road that is tailored to their exact needs.  We were delighted to have worked with Mercedes to deliver this vehicle to Amey.”

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