Break times and lunch times have been brightened up for the children of Elton Primary School thanks to the kind-hearted actions of local company Hitex International Group who kindly applied a range of playgrounds markings onto the new playground for free.

The playground had lost all of its previous markings after it required resurfacing – leaving the children without any of their usual games to play at break and lunch times.  Fortunately for the school, one of the pupil’s fathers who works at local IT firm StableIT heard about the playground dilemma.  StableIT look after Hitex International Group who install and manufacture a wide range of road marking, road surfacing and road repair products all around the world and luckily for the children of Elton Primary, the group also manufactured playground markings.

With a long history of giving back to the local area, Hitex visited the staff at Elton and children got to choose which designs they wanted for the markings.  Then, during half-term, a team from Hitex International laid down the preformed thermoplastic playground markings.

Headteacher Kevin Manning told us, “We are delighted with the new playground designs and so thankful for the kind support from Hitex International. Following on from this, we have been able to set up some activities for our upper juniors to look at how the markings are made and applied – with some great real-life cross curricular links to maths.”

Paige, a pupil at the school, is very impressed with the new markings telling us that, “I love playing with the 100 square in particular because it helps with my counting and adding – and is great fun!”

If you would like to know more about the Hitex Traffic Safety range of preformed thermoplastic playground markings please click here.


“We are delighted with the new playground designs and so thankful for the kind support from Hitex International.”

Kevin Manning

Head Teacher, Elton Primary School