HiLineNon-Reflective Thermoplastic Road Markings

Road markings are an essential part of modern day road infrastructure. They convey a wide range of information to the driver, spanning from giving simple directions to safety advice and enforcement signage. HiLine non-reflective thermoplastic road markings are a durable, non-reflective material with excellent adhesion, colour and heat stability.

HiLine thermoplastic road markings for screed/extrusion application are available in a range of standard and non-standard performance grades.  It is  available in standard non-reflective colours of yellow, primrose, deep cream and red with other colours available on request.  We formulate HiLine with the highest quality raw materials to provide a clear and uniform road line, with consistently high levels of heat adhesion, colour stability and durability.  Our thermoplastic screed/extrusion products are also available in export grades to suit specific climates or road conditions.

For reflective thermoplastic road markings please look at our HiBrite product page.

Why HiLine?

  • Provides excellent day time visibility
  • Cost effective marking solution
  • Excellent durability with high levels of colour and heat stability
  • Wear-resistant for use in highly trafficked areas

Typical Uses

  • Car parking bays and symbols
  • Traffic guidance
  • Parking, loading and waiting restriction areas
  • City centre red route schemes

HiLine Product Images

HiLine is compliant with BS EN 1871 Physical properties (Kitemark Licence KM 93503) and BS EN 1436 Road marking performance for road users. It been assessed for durability at BSI Road Trails to BS EN 1824.

The management system of Hitex Traffic Safety Ltd has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001.

Application Methods
The material can be applied using the following methods:

  • Hand or machine screed
  • Machine extrusion

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