Hitex Spray | Thermoplastic Road Marking Spray

Hitex thermoplastic road marking spray offers a fast and economical option to rejuvenate standard and profiled road markings that have fallen below specified performance levels. Installed using specialist spray equipment, Hitex thermoplastic road marking spray is specifically designed for high speed machine application and provides superior adhesion, colour stability and line definition even when applied at rapid rates.

Hitex Spray material is a polymer modified thermoplastic containing high quality synthetic resins, plasticiser, polymers, glass beads, pigment, aggregates and fillers.  Hitex thermoplastic road marking spray is available in a range of road marking performance and export grades as well as specific colours on request.

Overlaying existing road lines using spray materials such as Hitex Spray is a highly cost-effective method to rejuvenate road markings and structured markings that have fallen below specified performance levels without the need to remove the existing sub-standard markings.

Why Hitex Spray?

  • Full range of performance levels available, including SuperThin and international grades
  • Fast installation and curing times for minimal traffic disruption
  • Cost-effective method for recovery of existing structured markings without exceeding legal height requirements
  • Excellent durability with high levels of colour and heat stability

Typical Uses

  • Cost-effective recovery of existing longitudinal markings, including structured lines
  • New road surfaces where a thinner application is desired

Hitex Thermoplastic Road Marking Spray Images

Hitex Spray is compliant with BS EN 1871 Physical Properties (Kitemark Licence KM 93503) and BS EN 1436 Road marking performance for road users.

It been assessed for durability at BSI Road Trails to BS EN 1824.

The management system of Hitex Traffic Safety Ltd has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001

Application Methods
Hitex Spray grades are applied by air atomisation using specialist machinery. For more details on spray application equipment, please contact Somerford Equipment.

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