HitexPave | Imprinted Paving Solutions

HitexPave imprinted paving is part of the innovative HitexPrint system.  Specialised for pavements, the finished anti-slip surface is designed to mimic the appearance of traditional brick setts, cobbles, paving or flags, without the associated maintenance costs.

HitexPave is an innovative imprinted paving treatment that can deliver the strong aesthetic appeal of traditional block paving without the limitations of traditional approaches. Available in various patterns such as York Stone, Paving Slabs, Brick Setts, Cobbles or Flags, HitexPave removes issues such as plant infestation between blocks, various design limitations, maintenance issues and potential trip hazards.

HitexPave is a hot-applied wearing course consisting of blended thermoplastic polymerised resins, plasticiser, graded granite aggregate, selected fillers and pigment. It is surface dressed with either sand or glass beads prior to being embossed with a patterned grid tool. HitexPave is manufactured in a wide range of colours and textures for specialist pavement installation. HitexPave material can be modified for use in a range of different climates and conditions.

Why HitexPave?

•   Excellent long term cost effectiveness
•   Very low maintenance
•   No excavation necessary – fast and easy to install
•   High skid resistance
•   Through colour – fully pigmented throughout the surfacing
•   UV stable colour range
•   Improved safety over traditional paved surfaces
•   Wide range of designs available

Typical Uses

  • Pavements
  • Raised junctions, central reservations, speed tables & roundabouts
  • Home zones and urban regeneration projects
  • Urban landscaping

HitexPave Colours

  • Bright Red
  • Brick Red
  • Oxide Red
  • Mid Grey
  • Slate Blue
  • Fawn
  • Light Grey
  • Buff
  • Sand
  • Hi-Vis

HitexPave Patterns

  • HitexPrint Cobbles Small1
    HitexPrint Cobbles Small1
  • Decorative Surfacing Template
    HitexPrint Granite Set
  • HitexPrint Cobbles Large1
    HitexPrint Cobbles Large1
  • Imprinted Surfacing Template
    HitexPrint Tegula
  • Imprinted Surfacing Template
    HitexPrint Bricks
  • Imprinted Surfacing Template
    HitexPrint Herringbone 45
  • Decorative Surfacing Template
    HitexPrint Herringbone 90
  • Decorative Surfacing Template
    HitexPrint Paving Slabs

Product Images