PumaBrite & PumaSpray | MMA Cold Applied Road Markings

PumaBrite & Puma Spray MMA Road Marking

PumaBrite & PumaSpray | MMA Cold Applied Road Markings

PumaBrite and PumaSpray MMA cold applied road markings are fast and easy to install catalyst controlled markings that are suitable for application in a wide range of temperature and climate demands. Engineered to achieve the highest levels of retroreflectivity, durability, adhesion and colour stability, PumaBrite and PumaSpray has an increased service life in comparison to the more traditional thermoplastic road markings.

Both PumaBrite and PumaSpray MMA cold applied road markings comprise of a modified MMA binder system, lead / heavy metal free pigments, glass beads, aggregates and fillers. They are available in a full range of performance and application grades. Both type 1 flat lines and type 2 structured markings can be applied using PumaBrite and it is suitable for structured (Type 2) enhanced wet night reflectivity.

All Hitex Puma MMA cold applied road markings require the use of a catalyst system to enable curing. Please refer to the relevant Installation Method Statement for full instructions on the application process.

Why PumaBrite and PumaSpray?

  • Tough and durable with a long service life
  • Catalyst controlled, rapid curing, typically 10 – 30 minutes
  • Non-toxic binder system
  • Catalyst controlled, rapid curing, typically 10 – 30 minutes
  • Non-toxic binder system
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • PumaBrite is suitable for type II (structured) wet night markings
  • Highly resistant to discolouration
  • Can be adapted to suit particular climatic requirements
  • PumaSpray can be used to recover the performance levels of
    existing profiled markings, or as an economical thin layer marking

Typical Uses

PumaBrite is ideal for:

  • Centre and edge line markings
  • Junction markings
  • Letters, arrows and other road marking symbols
  • Smaller scale works e.g. car parks, factory markings
  • All areas where safety markings are specified

PumaSpray is ideal for:

  • Recovery of existing structured markings


PumaBrite and PumaSpray are compliant with BS EN 1871 Physical Properties.

The management system of Hitex Traffic Safety Ltd has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001.

Application Method PumaBrite

  • Extrusion by machine
  • By hand screed

Application Method PumaBrite

  • By machine spray (either 98:2 or 50:50)

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