PumaGrip Type 1 | MMA High Friction Surfacing

Type 1 high friction surfacing is proven to reduce accidents and save lives by reducing braking distance and improving vehicle control. BBA/HAPAS approved PumaGrip Type 1 is a cold applied methyl methacrylate (MMA) system that comprises of a two-component, polyurethane modified MMA binder and 100% road grade calcined bauxite. PumaGrip MMA high friction surfacing uses a catalyst controlled chemical reaction to cure and it can even cure rapidly in very low temperatures. PumaGrip MMA is very durable, even in the highest stress locations and can dramatically improve skid resistance in both dry and wet conditions.

Type 1 high friction or anti-skid surfacing is one of the most effective road safety surfacing measures used to reduce accidents and save lives. Over the past five decades, there has been significant reported declines in skid-related cases following the installation of the system, saving countless lives.


Why PumaGrip Type 1?


  • Suitable for old and brand new asphaltic surfaces
  • Can be used on concrete surfaces when used with approved primer
  • Non-toxic binder system
  • Catalyst controlled, rapid curing of typically 30 – 60 minutes
  • Tough and durable with a long service life
  • Fast installation- can be laid directly onto suitable existing surface

Typical Uses


PumaGrip Type 1 is suitable for all roads where the highest levels of skid resistance are required. PumaGrip Type 1 is used to improve safety in such locations as:

  • Highly trafficked, high stress areas
  • Sharp bends, junctions and motorway slip roads
  • Roundabout and pedestrian crossing approaches
  • Accident black spots

PumaGrip can also be used with a 1mm bauxite and pigmented top coat layer to form high friction coloured cycle path surfacing.

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