RainSafeLow Profile Thermoplastic Road Marking Material

In dark and wet conditions, road users are at their most vulnerable.  The castellated RainSafe low profile thermoplastic road marking provides improved water drainage whilst increasing visibility with the peaks of the profile visible to the driver above the level of the surface water. Light from vehicle headlights is reflected from the raised peaks, giving the driver an enhanced navigational aid.

RainSafe is a high performance low profile thermoplastic road marking containing high quality synthetic resins, plasticiser, polymers, glass beads, pigment, aggregates and fillers.  RainSafe is installed at rapid rates using specialist equipment to emboss a repeating castellated profile into a base line giving drivers a visual aid whilst still allowing maximum water drainage in wet night conditions.

Why RainSafe?

  • Profile of marking provides improved drainage and enhanced visibility during dark and wet conditions with minimal noise and vibration to the driver
  • Excellent durability; designed to maintain structure throughout its functional life
  • High performance formulation for superior levels of colour and heat stability
  • Continuous baseline increases reflective surface area and durability
  • Can be used for speed enforcement markings
  • Fast installation and curing times for minimal traffic disruption

Typical Uses

  • Centre and edge line markings
  • Junction markings, letters, arrows and other road marking symbols
  • Speed enforcement markings

RainSafe Product Images

Compliances/Approvals RainSafe is compliant with BS EN 1871 Physical properties (Kitemark Licence KM 93503) and BS EN 1436 Road marking performance for road users. It been assessed for durability at BSI Road Trails to BS EN 1824. The management system of Hitex Traffic Safety Ltd has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001.
Application Methods RainSafe is an embossed thermoplastic material that requires specialist application tools. It can be extruded via machine or manually applied. For information on application equipment for RainSafe, contact Somerford Equipment

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