VeloGrip | Cold Applied Cycle Path Material

VeloGrip is a cold applied cycle path material designed specifically for cycle routes. VeloGrip was developed to provide a gentler anti-skid surface for cycle schemes, offering high friction properties without the sharp, abrasive texture of traditional high friction surfacing.

VeloGrip consists of EcoGrip epoxy surfacing surface dressed with a durable, resin-bonded pigmented aggregate. The product has long term colour stability and is ideal for use in projects where enhanced visual colour delineation and skid resistant properties are required.

The skid-resistant surface enhances the safety of the cyclist by improving braking distances through increased surface friction and by  providing coloured demarcation of cycle-only areas. VeloGrip is quick and easy to apply, and is tough and durable to give a long service life.  Both the decorative and anti-skid qualities of VeloGrip also make it ideal for walkways, coloured parking bays and wheelchair ramps.

Why VeloGrip?

  • Extremely tough and durable surface; achieves the highest degree of erosion resistance during BBA scuffing tests
  • High friction performance without the abrasive texture of conventional high friction surfacing
  • User-friendly odourless, low toxicity binder system
  • Low energy cold-applied installation

Typical Uses

VeloGrip has been engineered for use on cycle paths, in particular the demarcation of city cycle schemes. However its decorative and anti-skid qualities also make it suitable for walkways, coloured parking bays and wheelchair ramps.

VeloGrip utilises EcoGrip BBA/HAPAS Approved binder system.

The management system of Hitex Traffic Safety Ltd has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001.

Application Methods
CycleWay is hand-applied. Please request the relevant Installation Method Statement for more details.

Standard Colour Range

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