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HiBrite AR | Extra Durable Road Markings

Widnes is an industrial town in Halton, Cheshire, North West England and has a population of approximately 100,000. Ashley Way in Widnes is a busy, thriving area with two supermarkets, a shopping centre, many restaurants and a busy thoroughfare to local areas on the A557. Central to the areas road network is a three lane circular traffic system for road users to turn off towards their destinations. In the traffic system there are approximately 500 directional letters which were first installed by L&R Roadlines in 2012. Because of the extreme levels of traffic, the existing markings have begun to fade, causing confusion on the roads.


Challenges Faced

The local area is so busy that the client simply could not afford the disruption of closing the road for any period of time. However, the lines and markings needed to be refreshed. Taking considerations for the future, the decision was made to replace the lines but use the most durable product available. Using extra durable road markings would mean the markings would stay clearer for longer and cause less disruption to re-mark the road in future.

The Solution – HiBrite AR

HiBrite AR grade is performance engineered to achieve the highest levels of durability, retroreflectivity and colour. HiBrite AR is the ideal solution for line and junction markings that undergo heavy wear.

  • High performance material for enhanced visibility on high speed roads
  • Excellent durability, typically 2–3 times the lifespan of conventional road markings
  • Wear-resistant for use in highly trafficked areas
  • No need for specialist application equipment – can be applied with standard thermoplastic application machinery, so high daily outputs can be achieved

HiBrite AR Site Application

Quick and easy to apply, HiBrite AR was applied to the site and the visual appearance was visible from the start. All 500 letters on site and the complete re-lining was completed over three nights between the quieter hours of 9pm and 3am. There was minimum disruption to the busy surrounding area and the road was made safer with the clearer, brighter markings. HiBrite AR has been fully road trial tested and certificated to a P6 trafficking level (2 million wheelovers), which is double the P5 trafficking level required for BS EN 1824 road trial approval. With this extra durability, it is expected that it will be a long time until the traffic in the area is disrupted again.

HiBrite AR extra durable road markings are a specially developed premium product for extra durability and retroreflectivity. If you would like to know more about HiBrite AR and the benefits of using extra durable road markings please click here.

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