PumaGrip | MMA High Friction Surfacing

Type 1 high friction or anti-skid surfacing, such as PumaGrip MMA High Friction Surfacing, is one of the most effective road safety surfacing measures used to reduce accidents and save lives. Over the past five decades, there has been significant reported declines in skid-related cases following the installation of high friction systems, saving countless lives.

BBA/HAPAS approved PumaGrip Type 1 is a cold applied methyl methacrylate (MMA) system that comprises of a polyurethane modified MMA binder and 100% road grade calcined bauxite.

St Helens is a large town in Merseyside, England with a population of approximately 200, 000. The site for this case study was a busy zebra crossing located in the heart of St Helens. It is a busy primary route into the town located near a large retail and industrial estate and several schools. As the traffic in the area is so busy, it was deemed safety critical that high friction surfacing was installed on the approach to the crossing.

Challenges Faced Hot Applied – vs- Cold

The busy St Helens site was installed in March 2014 and due to the amount of traffic and situe of the site, the installation would inevitably cause disruption to road users. It was decided that a long term, more durable solution was needed to minimise disruption with future installations and that a quick to installed product would be used to minimise road disruption on the installation day.

The PumaGrip Type 1 MMA High Friction Surfacing system is proven to keep its high values of skid resistance for longer than a hot applied product and, due to the catalyst controlled binder system, PumaGrip cures rapidly. Therefore, PumaGrip was selected as the best, most cost effective and less disruptive long term solution.

Why PumaGrip Type 1?

  • Suitable for asphaltic surfaces
  • Can be used on concrete surfaces when used with
    approved primer
  • Non-toxic binder system
  • Catalyst controlled, rapid curing of typically 30 – 60
  • Tough and durable with a long service life
  • Fast installation – can be laid directly onto suitable
    existing surface
  • MMA application less temperature dependant
    than an epoxy solution

Four Years On……

Over four years since installation, in July 2018 Hitex Traffic Safety returned to the site to carry out skid resistance and texture depth tests as well as checking the overall appearance of the site. The main objective was to see how the site was performing in the four year period since the application.

Visually the site was showing minimal signs of wear but overall still appeared to be in good to excellent condition when assessed using the BBA site inspection criteria, despite the consistently heavy traffic levels. The texture depth test was carried out over five different areas of the installation and an average taken. The skid resistance test was carried out across the site.

The average results of the test were as follows:

Parameter                           Typical value                              BBA/HAPAS Type 1 Specification

2018 SRV                                       71                                             Equal to or greater than 65
2018 Texture Depth                   1.86mm                              Equal to or greater than 1.4 mm


The case study test results show that despite heavy trafficking, that PumaGrip MMA High Friction Surfacing continues to perform at the highest levels over four years after installation. Both the skid resistance and texture depth are still well above the minimum BBA requirements.

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