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Situated on the borders of Knowsley Council, Cartbridge Lane is a busy road needing road repairs and re-lining which is used as a route through a new housing estate. With more developments due to start in the area it was imperative to get the works complete as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.


Objectives & Challenges Faced

The key objective was to carry out all road repairs with the renowned TexBand seal as well as removing all existing road markings and replace with new with new road studs to be the finishing touch. Our main challenge was to make sure that we could achieve completion in the shortest possible time frame, whilst causing the least amount of disruption to the local travelling community. Damp conditions, due to the time of year and leaves would be an obstacle; however, we could use new road drying technology to overcome these factors.

Scope of Works

At L&R Roadlines we pride ourselves in strategic flexibility so that we can keep our clients needs and priorities at the forefront of our programming. We received a phone call from Knowsley Council/Tarmac, week starting 03.12.18, explaining the needs of the project. The challenge was then given by Tarmac/Knowsley to complete the works before Christmas in the safest and most efficient way possible. We immediately sent a local supervisor to assess and scope the site before we visited the Tarmac/Knowsley offices to discuss the best options after our assessment had taken place.

The decision was made to provide our “Local one stop solution”. As members of Hitex International Group, L&R Roadlines can pool experience, knowledge and resources to provide everything required for a project. From one dedicated depot were able to supply a multi skilled workforce and the highest quality materials to remove and install – all in one shift. Having a locally based workforce and depot enables the most reactive service possible, whilst utilising our local workforce makes sure the sense of pride and benefits to the local area shine through.

The decision was then made to book the works in for the following week, week starting 10.12.18.

During Works

The client provided a safe working area as a road closure and a road sweeper to clear the leaves, then working a standard 9.30-3.30 closure we provided all necessary roadmarking vehicles to complete the works:

1 x Extrusion Machine
1 x Specialist surfacing TexBand unit
1 x Screed unit
1 x Road stud unit

Alongside this we provided a specialist drying unit to ensure the works were completed in the most efficient way possible, this was all backed up with an on-site supervisor, to make sure the works ran as smoothly as possible.  The whole project was a complete team effort. L&R Roadlines worked closely with Ray Mullen/ James Taylor and all associated members of the Tarmac /Knowsley team to help deliver the scheme from start to finish, from the initial phone call to booking road space and total completion within 4 working days, proving collaboration and locality is the key to an informed and efficient working relationship. This collaborative team ethos is key to all L&R Roadlines client relationships.

The Outcome

We completed the Cartbridge Lane area in a single six hour shift, road repairs, road drying, the road marking and even the new road studs. The end result was site being safer for pedestrians and traffic with minimum disruption to the road and its residents. Collaborative working enabled our ‘one stop’ services to be provided to allow efficient working, savings, smart programming and reduction in network occupation.

“L&R Roadlines has demonstrated an enthusiastic approach to working closely in partnership with our technical teams to provide advice and guidance on the most appropriate solutions for a safe, prompt delivery.”

Brian Murphy, Tarmac

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