On Monday 6th January,  L&R Roadlines held their annual Safety Stand Down Day. Operatives from L&R’s sites put down their tools and came together to reflect, educate and discuss safety issues for the year ahead. The initiative was part of our ongoing commitment to health and safety.  The day was designed to allow operatives to stop and think about their own safety and the safety of colleagues, clients and other contractors.

The L&R policy is zero harm, and we have established a comprehensive range of procedures – including safety conversations, near hit reporting, one-to-one safety discussions, site audits and health and safety meetings – to create a safe working environment and eliminate accidents.  However, this day gave all workers the chance to discuss mental health, road safety, fatigue and general illness whilst learning about new procedures and techniques. On the day, over sixty operatives attended health and safety workshops together. The groups were then split into six groups of ten to attend smaller workshops around the Ellesmere Port facility to gain key knowledge on contemporary subjects.

John Cawley, head of Health and Safety at L&R Roadlines, explained: “Workforce safety is our core value, our number one priority: ahead of output levels and ahead of profit.  The safety stand-down was a major investment for L&R as we stopped business for a whole day, but it demonstrates our commitment to safety of our employees and clients.  As a team, we want to reiterate to all our employees that they should always challenge or report unsafe behaviour and stop a job if they think it is unsafe in any way.”

The Safety Stand Down Day has been set up with long term plans in mind for operatives to report and feedback on the impact of the day.  Michael Littleboy, Director of L&R Roadlines added, “I was proud to see our office staff come together get behind the day and to produce such an informative day for everyone involved.   We know that there have been sustained improvements in health and safety in recent years, there is much more to be done.  We hope that days such as this create a new, heightened awareness of health and well-being issues amongst the industry as a whole.”

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I was proud to see our office staff come together get behind the day and to produce such an informative day for everyone involved.

Michael Littleboy

Director, L&R Roadlines