High Friction Road Surfacing

High Friction & Coloured Surface Installation

High Friction & Coloured Surface Installation

L&R Roadlines provides BBA/HAPAS approved installation of Hitex Type 1 and coloured high friction thermoplastic, epoxy and PU modified MMA products.

High friction surface treatments are manufactured and installed to the most rigorous guidelines to ensure durability throughout the life cycle of the product. For areas such as cycle routes where increased skid resistance values are required but Type 1 is not specified, L&R offer a range of coloured safety surfacing solutions.

Type 1 High Friction Installation

L&R Roadlines is a BBA/HAPAS approved installer of hot and cold applied Hitex Type 1 high friction surfacing materials. This accredited scheme specifies the quality assurance framework for the assessment and surveillance of installers of high friction surfacing of which Type 1 is the highest classification attainable. Type 1 installation is specified for use in critical areas where the road user is at high risk, such as sharp bends, junctions, roundabouts and pedestrian crossing approaches.


Coloured/Cycle Route Surfacing

L&R Roadlines are experts in the application of the Hitex range of coloured thermoplastic, epoxy and modified MMA surface treatments.

Coloured surfacings such as ColourTex, VeloGrip and PumaTrack are commonly specified for the delineation of areas such as bus lanes, cycle lanes, rail crossings, pedestrian zones and busy trunk roads to provide a reinforced visual warning and enhanced surface friction.

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