South Gloucestershire Council is taking a positive step to increase road safety by installing the latest, high visibility LED traffic control lights to its Scarab sweeper fleet. Supplied and installed by Somerford Equipment, the UK’s leading provider of road marking vehicles and equipment, the units will enable the council to ensure the highest level of protection for road maintenance crews.

After conducting extensive research of the market, the Somerford solution was selected as the company could demonstrate that it understood what the council was trying to achieve in terms of developing greater risk awareness and improving road safety. The retrofitting project was completed faster than originally planned, enabling the sweepers to be put back into service in less time.

Somerford Equipment’s LED Traffic Control Arrow unit features 13 amber LED lamps, each producing 2400 cd, providing the highest level of visibility in typical road conditions at more than 500 metres. The lamps have an estimated lifespan of 10 years, providing a low cost of ownership in terms of both replacement and maintenance costs. With simple in-cab operation, the unit displays Chapter 8 compliant warnings including flashing ‘keep left/keep right’’ arrows or alternately flashing four corner lamps. The lamps automatically dim in ambient conditions to extend their operational life and reduce glare for drivers.

The Somerford LED traffic control lights are manufactured using powder coated aluminium for high rust resistance and are both lightweight and durable enabling them to deliver reliable service in the harshest environments whilst providing long term fuel efficiencies across the fleet.

The new LED lights provide greater visibility, particularly in low light conditions, compared with the blue direction signs that were previously used. They also enhance the safe use of these vehicles by eliminating the need for drivers to leave their cabs to manually operate the signs.