Sustainable Road Repair

The early detection and treatment of smaller, more superficial failures in road surfaces can deliver major efficiency increases over the lifetime of infrastructure assets. The Hitex TexBand range of products is specifically formulated to meet these needs.

With a proven track record with local authorities and the UK Highways Agency, the TexBand range meets all required long-term focus and performance criteria.

Working in collaboration with L&R Roadlines, which operates in the contracting sector, Hitex International Group designs and develops innovative technologies to permanently and effectively manage cracks, open joints and seams. Through early treatment, our products can eliminate the need for costly and disruptive repeat temporary patching work and can prevent further deterioration of the surface through formation of larger cracks and potholes.

Through sharing knowledge and practical experience of pro-active road treatments, Hitex International has enabled local authorities to implement effective strategies for road repair and pothole management, helping them to take greater control of planning and budgets.

We strive to ensure our clients achieve the best possible return on investment by building longevity and life cycle value engineering into the process.

Hitex International’s range of road repair products is manufactured using recycled materials, industrial by-products and 100% recyclable packaging.


Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP)

Prevention and a Better Cure – Potholes Review



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