HitexPrint Roundels for traffic calming and speed enforcement in 20mph zones

Traffic calming measures that reduce vehicle speeds are proven to save lives and protect the most vulnerable. One of most successful measures to enforce speed restriction on urban roads is designated 20mph zones or limits. First introduced in the UK in 1990, these schemes are generally recommended for areas with large residential populations experiencing high accident rates and/or speeding issues, and to promote safer journeys on routes around schools and town centres.

A large number of evaluation studies have demonstrated a link between these zones and consequent reduction in casualties. The extent and consistency of these reductions over a wide number of areas provide further evidence of this link. As well as road safety benefits, 20 mph zones make a positive contribution to developing safer, more pleasant streets and residential areas, encouraging cycling and walking (particularly for local trips), reducing congestion and improving air quality.

The majority of these schemes are self-enforcing 20mph zones. These zones can utilise a number of different traffic calming measures, and are proven to be far more effective than signed-only 20mph limits. Of these measures, vertical deflections such as plateau’s (or speed tables) have been shown to be the most successful.

Hitex International Group are committed to supporting the positive impact of these schemes by developing enforcement solutions that help reduce the adverse effect of motor vehicles in built up areas. The HitexPrint Roundel system was developed by our contracting division in collaboration with Hitex material research, and has been successfully adopted as part of traffic engineering projects across the UK, with many pilot schemes now scheduled for 2015.

The HitexPrint Roundel is a coloured, decorative high friction thermoplastic surface treatment. The material is laid over a suitable existing surface, and is perfect for creating a speed table. Reflectorised road marking material is inlaid into this surface to form a 20mph speed roundel- efficiently combining two traffic calming measures in a single engineering solution.

More advantages of the HitexPrint Roundel system

  • The reflective thermoplastic marking will not wear off, crack or fade
  • Unnecessary street ‘clutter’ is reduced
  • Many design choices available
  • Attractive finish works in harmony with the surrounding environment
  • Durable, hard wearing formulation with enhanced skid resistance
  • No previous excavation of the existing surface required