What We Do


Hitex International Group offer complete specialist road safety surfacing, road marking, road crack and joint repair and decorative surfacing products, contracting services, vehicles, equipment and training.

We offer our customers end-to-end solutions through our manufacturing, engineering, contracting and specialist surfacing divisions.

In-house technical facilities enable us to develop and refine safe, durable, cost effective and high quality solutions vital to the future maintenance and development of road infrastructures across the world.

Material Manufacture

We manufacture a full range of Thermoplastic material, High Friction Surfacing, Road Repair and Decorative Material

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Contracting Services

Providing outstanding installations on projects throughout the UK and working in partnership with crews across the globe

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Vehicles & Equipment

Our highly skilled team are leading the way in high performance vehicles and technology

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Decorative Systems

Full range of decorative surfacing and specialist safety systems

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Road Repair & Renewals

Permanent, sustainable solutions to extend the design life of the road

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Hire & Lease

Offering short and long-term Vehicle & Equipment solutions

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Testing Services

Helping to achieve and maintain rigorous standards of safety on our roads

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Sharing our skills and expertise to raise and maintain the standards within our industry sector

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Research & Development

We continually adapt, innovate and improve our products and services, and provide a vital resource for our clients

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