Contracting services

L&R Roadlines, part of Hitex International Group, is one of the largest and most trusted road marking contractors in the UK and consistently achieves outstanding results on a range of complex projects for both the public and private sectors.

The company specialises in road markings, hot and cold-applied BBA/HAPAS Type 1 high friction and coloured surfacing, BBA HAPAS TexBand road repair, road line removal and stud installation.

In addition to delivering an outstanding customer service, L&R Roadlines benefits from the material support facilities provided by Hitex International Group.

They include:

  • In-house material manufacturing to ensure permanent stocks of all grades
  • Extensive purpose-built maintenance and servicing facilities
  • Internal product development, allowing materials to be customised to meet customer requirements
  • In-house manufacturing of vehicles and equipment giving clients access to the latest technologies
  • Specialist decorative surfacing crews

Road marking

L&R Roadlines provides full contracting services for Hitex International’s range of thermoplastic road marking products. The company also offers enhanced performance structured markings, which provide effective and economical safety solutions for the prevention of road traffic accidents. These are engineered to target specific safety issues such as wet night driving and installed using the latest technology from Somerford Equipment.

Road marking products



High friction and coloured road surfacing

L&R Roadlines is a BBA/HAPAS Approved Installer of Hitex Type 1 high friction surfacing. This includes both hot and cold applied surfacing as well as a premium quality coloured surfacing range for use in traffic calming, bus and cycle lanes. L&R Roadlines’ operatives have worked extensively with Hitex International’s high friction products on a wide range of projects including traffic calming schemes for local authorities and highways agencies.

High friction products

BBA Type 1 certificate


Coloured surfacing products

BBA EcoGrip Type 1 certificate


L&R BBA Installer Certificate

Road repair and road treatments

L&R Roadlines specialises in the identification and repair of open seam, joints, cracks and potholes in road surfaces using the Hitex TexBand system. With over 10 years’ experience of working with TexBand, L&R Roadlines has the knowledge and experience to identify and correctly treat superficial failures in road surfaces. This enables clients to achieve significant cost reductions and extend the design life of assets.

Road repair & treatment products

BBA TexBand certificate

Decorative surfacing

L&R Roadlines provides an expert installation service for Hitex International’s decorative, maintenance-free surfacing range used on roads, pathways and hard landscaping projects. This service is delivered through TexturePrint, which has been working on prestigious town centre developments, heritage sites, high profile locations, home zones and pedestrianised areas since 2002.

Decorative product range 

Hitex decorative products brochure

Line removal

L&R Roadlines provides a comprehensive range of line removal services to meet specific project requirements. This includes Hydroblast water-blasting technology and traditional methods such as planning, scabbling, HCA lance and grit blasting.

Line removal services


Road stud installation

L&R Roadlines provides an installation service for all brands of stick on, Halifax-type milled cat’s eyes and halophane 360 glass cat’s eyes. Aluminium and stainless steel studs can also be fitted to pelican crossings.

Milled cats eye road studs are installed using a Stud Drill machine from Somerford Equipment. This advanced high speed process produces a clean, uniform finish with minimal waste. Permanent Studs are bonded with StudTex- a far greener alternative to traditional bitumen. The dry-mix formulation of StudTex gives accelerated heating times, ensuring greater onsite productivity.

Hitex StudTex



Road Stud Drill machine