Road Marking Removal

Our road marking removal team at L&R Roadlines provide a comprehensive range of road marking removal services to meet specific project requirements. 

These services include the latest in rapid line removal with Hydroblast water-blasting technology.  Using only cold, clean and filtered water during the procedure, Hydroblasting is the most environmental friendly and safest approach to road marking removal.  This makes Hydroblasting the most effective solution for both commercial and private clients.  The sophisticated Hydroblast system removes lines or other surface debris without damaging the surface below and is ideal for the aeronautical industry for removing tyre rubber or other spillages from runways and taxiways.


We offer safe, fast removal of traffic markings through the L&R HydroBlast water- blasting system.

Using the concept of captive hydrology, a sophisticated pump system generates 40,000psi to quickly and completely remove the markings. Excess water and waste is then drawn by vacuum into a separate collection tank and filtered, making this a uniquely environmentally friendly system. The HydroBlast system provides our clients with reduced operational costs through the fast, clean removal of existing lines. The unique system is able to remove lines or other surface debris without damaging the surface below, making it ideal for use in the aeronautical industry for removing tyre rubber or other spillages from runways and taxiways. The HydroBlast system can also be used to re-texturise existing ‘fatted up’ road surfaces to re-instate correct levels of skid resistance, or to modify or ‘key’ the surface prior to application of coatings.


Scabbling is particularly useful for removing remnants of screeding and heavy coatings from concrete, and to provide an even surface prior to shot blasting. 

Scabbling is also used for removing heavily oil-contaminated areas on concrete prior to hot compressed air finishing and the subsequent application of coatings. L&R Roadlines provide a dust-free method through connection to a industrial vacuum, making the process cleaner and more efficient.

Road Planning

Our highly skilled operators offer a fully comprehensive range of road planing solutions including, bridge decks, haunching, step joints, full carriageway renewals, trenching and car park resurfacing.

Used as an alternative to completely removing the road surface, road planing is a popular method of repairing damaged roads. Damaged road surfaces are removed using a planing machine, in place of time consuming and costly excavation allowing a new road surface to be directly overlaid onto the sub layers. Road planing offers a much more cost effective and greener solution to the complete construction of a new road.

HCA Lance

The Hot Compressed Air Lance uses a mixture of propane gas and compressed air.

The HCA Lance is used for the removal of road markings, for drying road surfaces prior to application of new markings, for drying and cleaning of joints before sealing, and for re-texturing road surfaces.

Grit Blasting

Grit blasting is a process by which abrasive particles are used on a road surface or pathway to modify or ‘key’ the surface prior to treatment or application of coatings.

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