Road Stud Installation Services

Roads studs (popularly known as “cat’s eyes”) are used to give drivers visability guidance on roads and they are especially important in adverse weather conditions, poor visibility and during the hours of darkness.   L&R Roadlines install a variety of cat’s eyes and reflective road studs using the latest Somerford Technology.  We can provide high speed, machine road stud installation of Halifax-type milled and halophane 360 glass cat’s eyes, stick-on studs and aluminium/stainless steel studs for pelican crossings.

The road studs are bonded using StudTex road stud grout, a Hitex Traffic Safety thermoplastic road stud application adhesion system.  We combine our 40 years of experience with the use of technologically, advanced installation drills and a fast melt dry powder fixative to  ensure a high speed, clean and efficient installation process. Take a look the video showing the road stud installation process.  If you have any questions about road stud installation please fill in a contracting enquiry, located at the top of every page, and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

Road Stud Installation Image Gallery

Click on the images below to view different projects involving the installation of road studs.

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