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Specialist Imprinted & Decorative Surfacing Solutions

As part of Hitex International Group, Textureprint works with L&R Roadlines to install maintenance-free textured, coloured, natural and imprinted decorative surfacing to an exceptionally high standard of finish. Continuous product development increases the performance our decorative surfacing range ensuring that it is a perfect blend of durability, strength and aesthetic appeal.

Working alongside design engineers, landscape architects and local authorities, Textureprint have a range of decorative surfacing solutions for a wide variety of applications including pedestrian areas, town centre developments, municipal areas, traffic calming schemes and home zones.

Imprinted & Decorative Surfacing / High Friction Products


A decorative thermoplastic surfacing that provides a vibrant coloured surface designed to provide a visual warning with enhanced skid resistance for crossings, pedestrian zones, bus lanes and enhancing demarcation.


A resin bound surfacing that blends pre-mixed decorative aggregates with PU resin to provide an attractive, natural, semi-porous surfacing. This durable, maintenance free surface is perfect for many landscaping projects including heritage areas, footpaths and tree pit surrounds.


A resin bonded system designed to mimic the appearance of loose gravel without the associated maintenance costs. Quick and easy to install, EcoStone is ideal for footpaths, hard landscaping projects, parks and housing developments.


An imprinted, coloured thermoplastic surfacing  designed to mimic the appearance of traditional brick setts, block paving, cobbles and flags.  The impervious nature of the surface means that it is totally maintenance free, with anti-skid properties for enhanced safety of both pedestrians and traffic.


A cold-applied, modified MMA surface treatment available in a wide range of UV stable colours.  PumaTrack offers a durable solution for use on cycle tracks, crossings and walkways, squeegee and roller application ensures an attractive, even finish with good levels of skid resistance.  


A thermoplastic surfacing for cycle paths designed to aid safe travel by improving braking efficiency and providing brightly coloured, designated cycle areas.  CycleWay can be installed quickly and easily over existing road surfaces, and is pigmented in bold, vibrant, UV stable colours.

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