Export Solutions

Material + training + equipment= a complete package of solutions for our international partners

As a manufacturer of premium quality materials and equipment, Hitex International Group ensures that its products and systems are used correctly, particularly when specific performance levels are required.

It is important that clients around the world have complete confidence in our products, enabling them to deliver consistently high quality work and achieve the fullest potential from their investment.

Hitex International Group provides high quality training programmes to new and experienced contracting companies globally. Delivered by our highly experienced operatives, they cover the fundamental aspects of road marking, specialist safety surfacing, road crack and joint repair and decorative surfacing. All training programmes are tailored to reflect the existing levels of experience and knowledge of our clients. This enables us to provide outstanding technical and practical assistance to all export customers, delivered to international standards of best practice.

Our unique programmes include:

  • Materials
  • Site preparation
  • Operative training
  • Equipment training
  • Contract management
  • Full technical support

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Finding solutions for your region

With extensive in-house product research and development facilities, Hitex International Group continuously adapts and improves its extensive range of materials and equipment to meet the demands of highway and transport networks around the world.

We have over 10 years’ experience of meeting the demands of international clients and are proud to have established a reputation for providing products that offer the highest level of durability and performance.

Hitex International Group exports material for use in a wide range of climates from arid and semi-arid, to tropical and sub-arctic. The development of our export range requires skill, experience and an in-depth understanding of the way our materials and associated components behave in diverse climate conditions and terrains.

Tailoring our formulations

Prior to a suitable formulation being developed for use, our technical specialists consult with clients to determine the precise environmental conditions where the material is to be laid. Following additional research into climate and conditions, we begin our development work, adjusting formulations to ensure the product achieves the required performance levels.

When exporting to sub-arctic regions such as northern Scandinavia, Canada and Iceland, our formulations are given added flexibility to withstand cracking in minus temperatures and resist exposure to studded tyres, road gritting and snow ploughing.

For the Middle East, Asia and Australasia, we have developed a range of UV-stable formulations that retain strength and flexibility without becoming ‘tacky’ in conditions of extreme heat and low rainfall.

Hitex International Group has also developed formulations for regions that experience both extremes of hot and cold such as very warm conditions in coastal areas with cold and freezing conditions in mountainous areas. This requires a crucial balance between a material which will soften in hot weather, and one which becomes brittle in low temperatures. Adapting material in this way requires extensive skill and experience.

Other considerations include how our material will work with pre-existing road structures, and within the different legislation and regulations of each country. To find the best solution every time, we work closely with clients to get meet element of product development without compromising on performance.

Road Marking Vehicles & Equipment…

Somerford Equipment has over 40 years’ experience of providing road marking and associated vehicles and equipment to countries all around the world. It is renowned for delivering highly engineered solutions that offer durability, reliability and long service life.

Our road marking and surfacing vehicles are specially modified with enhancements such as insulated fuel lines and heating elements fitted to fuel injectors and filtration to combat the extreme cold. In hot climates, compressors are specifically modified with additional fans and vents to enable efficient working even at the high temperatures experienced in many of our export destinations.

Somerford Equipment supplies all gas operated equipment complete with appropriate country-specific adaptors. Vehicle chassis are available in left or right hand drive as well as dual-steered/dual-sided to enable marking operation to either side of the carriageway. All export models of road marking equipment are supplied with the appropriate specification, oil and lubricants to suit the destination country.

Somerford Equipment is proud of its partnership with RME of Sweden. This collaboration allows us to extend our already comprehensive range of vehicles, equipment and services to the road marking and surfacing industries, and to increase export of our own products.

We currently export products and equipment to the following regions:

Europe Belgium/ Bulgaria/ Channel Isles/ Cyprus/ France/ Germany/ Greece/ Iceland/ Italy/ Lithuania/ Malta/ Netherlands/ Portugal/ Republic of Ireland/ Romania/ Spain / Turkey

Asia-Pacific Australia/ China/ India/ Malaysia/ New Zealand/ South Korea/ Vietnam


Middle East Iraq/ Bahrain/ Saudi Arabia/ Israel/ UAE/ Oman

Southern Africa South Africa

North Africa

North and Central America USA/ Bahamas/ Bermuda


Scandinavia Denmark/ Sweden/ Norway/ Finland

South America Falklands/ Trinidad & Tobago/ Argentina/ Chile/ Surinam

West Africa Ghana

East Africa Kenya

We are always interested in finding new challenges in different regions. To find out about how Hitex International Group can help you with your project, please contact us.


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