High-Friction and Coloured Surfacing

High-Friction Surfacing

Genuine high friction or anti-skid surfacing provides highway engineers with one of the most effective road safety surfacing measures and is proven to reduce accidents and save lives.

High friction surfacing is a highly effective measure for preventing skid-related vehicle accidents and the associated financial and human costs. Many evaluation studies have demonstrated the link between Type 1 surfacing and consequent casualty reduction. The extent and consistency of these reductions over a wide number of areas provide further evidence of this link, which equates in real terms to countless lives saved.

Outside of the UK,emerging markets for this important road surface treatment are generating new data to reaffirm the effectiveness of this important road safety measure.

Hitex International manufactures a full range of BBA/HAPAS Approved hot- and cold-applied high friction surfacing for highways.

Hitex Type 1

BBA/HAPAS Approved Hitex Type 1 hot-applied high friction surfacing is manufactured to rigorous industry guidelines. Fast and easy to install with rapid curing times, it offers an immediate long-term solution for sites where there is a high risk of skidding or collision including sharp bends, motorway slip roads, roundabout and pedestrian crossing approaches.

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Type 1 data sheet

BBA Type 1 certificate

EcoGrip Type 1

BBA/HAPAS Approved EcoGrip Type 1 cold-applied high friction surfacing is a 2-part epoxy system dressed with road grade calcined bauxite for maximum performance. As with Hitex International’s Type 1, it is proven to reduce skid related road accidents by increasing surface friction between vehicle tyres and road surfaces. EcoGrip utilises a odourless, low toxicity binder system.

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EcoGrip data sheet

BBA EcoGrip Type 1 certificate


Coloured surfacing

The application of coloured surfacing material is a simple and effective way to visually delineate specific areas of the highway to reinforce the message of conventional road markings or signs and reduce dangerous traffic contraventions into specific areas. It enhances the skid resistance value of the road surface giving lower breaking distances and is ideal for for bus lanes, cycle paths, busy junctions, pedestrian routes and rail crossings.

Hitex International Group develops premium quality, colourfast hot and cold-applied surfacing materials and systems suitable for use in a diverse range of projects, including specialist formulations for export.


ColourTex is a hot-applied high friction coloured thermoplastic surfacing material that aids safe travel for all road users. Installed quickly and easily over existing road surfaces, ColourTex thermoplastic is pigmented in bold, vibrant, fade resistant colours to provide visual warning with enhanced skid resistance. ColourTex thermoplastic is ideal for bus lane surfacing, cycle lane surfacing, coloured give-ways and traffic calming schemes.

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ColourTex data sheet


CycleWay thermoplastic high friction surfacing is ideal for cycle schemes on both urban and rural networks. Modified to give cost effective spread rates, CycleWay enhances the safety of cyclists by increasing surface friction and reducing vehicle contraventions into designated cycle zones. CycleWay is a hot-applied material suitable for installation all year round.

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CycleWay data sheet


ColourCote cold-applied epoxy high friction surfacing is a durable, resin-bonded pigmented aggregate system with long-term colour retention properties. It is ideal for use in projects where enhanced visual colour delineation and skid resistant properties are required. ColourCote is a fast, low energy installation.

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ColourCote data sheet


VeloGrip was developed as an economical surface treatment for coloured lane demarcation in cycle schemes. It offers anti-skid performance without the sharp, abrasive texture of many cycle route surfacings. The gentle anti-skid surfacing of Velogrip has many other uses including footpath surfacing, coloured parking bay marking and wheelchair ramp surfacing.

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VeloGrip data sheet