Somerford Equipment Anti Skid Preheater

The preheater is designed for use with anti skid or high friction safety surfacing material. Constructed to withstand arduous continuous workloads, the Somerford Anti Skid Preheater is available in single or twin pot format with a capacity of 400 litres per pot.

The Anti Skid Preheater has a choice of heating systems:

  • Diesel fired preheater 12/24v DC motor with integral fuel management system linked to independent thermostat control
  • Gas fired preheater heavy duty, high pressure radial burner for direct heat to preheater base, with fully electronic gas management system[/box]

The hydraulic paddle drive is provided by an electric start diesel engine or an optional prime mover driven power take off (PTO) system.

Anti Skid Preheater Information

  • Purpose designed paddles hydraulically driven by a direct coupled motor /gearbox combination unit with variable speed control lever
  • Relief valve eliminates damage to main shaft, bearings and paddles
  • Paddles incorporate bottom scraper blade to prevent carbon build-up
  • Tanks insulated with high density ceramic fibre
  • Safety loading hopper helps eliminate splash-back
  • Hydraulically operated discharge valve

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