Somerford Equipment Horizontal Preheater

The Somerford Horizontal Preheater is a self-contained unit available for both small and high capacity use. It is specially designed to overcome the quality assurance problems commonly associated with heating highway bituminous type compounds and materials.

The smaller capacity unit allows the operator greater management over material temperatures, while the higher capacity preheater is recommended for mixing larger volumes. A Hydraulic paddle drive is provided by an electric start diesel engine or by an optional prime mover driven power take off (PTO) system. The main shaft bearings are mounted remote to the preheater, and the unit is built with accessible and adjustable packing glands at each end of the shaft to help to eliminate leaks.


The Horizontal Preheater has a choice of heating systems:


  • Diesel fired preheater 12/24v DC motor with integral fuel management system linked to independent thermostat control
  • Gas fired preheater heavy duty, high pressure radial burner for direct heat to preheater base, with fully electronic gas management system[/box]

Product Information

  • Self contained on skid mounted base
  • Relief valve to help eliminate damage to main shaft, bearings and paddles
  • Horizontal mixing action and paddle configuration to ensure thorough mixing
  • Heavy duty end plates and sub frames for maximum durability
  • Quick-fire procedure to minimise time from cold start to working temperature
  • Fully automatic gas management system

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