Operator Training

At Somerford Equipment it is important to us that our customers get the maximum benefits from all of our products.

The use of road marking equipment often involves dangers such as exposure to molten materials, gas equipment, burners operating at extremely high temperatures etc.  It is vital that operators are well trained in the safe operation of the equipment they are using, including vital pre-use safety checks, the function of safety critical components, the importance of use of correct PPE etc.

To help ensure this, Somerford provide a range of Certificated Operator training programmes. These professional and informative programmes demonstrate the correct procedures to ensure operator safety and how to perform the correct day-to-day maintenance to extend equipment service life on all of our specialist vehicles.  Whilst operator safety is paramount, and safe and proper use of the equipment is the main focus of our training sessions, we do also consider that failure to take good care of your equipment can contribute to inefficient operation.

It may seem obvious that operator neglect or misuse can cause damage, but a lack of basic daily maintenance and pre-use checks can also can increase the likelihood of equipment impairment or failure, as well as reducing the overall lifespan of the equipment. Sessions also therefore cover topics such as functional checks, proper start-up procedures, user serviceable consumables, and shut-down recommendations, as well as the importance of regular servicing.

Somerford offers certificated training on the safe operation and day to day running requirements of all its equipment, ensuring that your operators know how to utilise all of their tools safely and efficiently, and how to care for them to promote the durability they can offer if maintained and operated properly.

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