Demountable Road Marking Unit

Somerford Equipment designed and manufactured the industry’s first fully demountable road marking equipment body. It provides a multi-purpose solution to achieve best value from prime mover fleets that can accommodate any skid-mountable equipment body type.

Compatible with existing prime mover fleets, this road marking body utilises standard hook-mount technology and can be loaded, connected and ready to use in under thirty minutes. It further extends the range of applications that can be handled by workforces throughout the year, enables budgets to be maximised and also allows the delivery of a more proactive response to enhancing road safety and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

The ability to quickly and easily change vehicle use allows work planning to be altered to accommodate unexpected factors such as changes in staff availability and variable weather conditions. This allows vehicles to accommodate seasonal variations as well as daily and weekly scheduling challenges.

This unique fully demountable road marking body enables independent contractors and local authorities to achieve best utilisation and justification for equipment and machinery to help meet tight budgets when procuring capital plant. It also consolidates Somerford Equipment’s leading position in the industry.

After evaluating the marketplace, we made the decision to work with Somerford Equipment as it could demonstrate the ability to successfully design, develop and manufacture this unique solution in short timescales.

Peter Ewing

Commercial Truck Sales Manager, Kerr & Smith

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  • Loaded, connected and ready to use in under 10 minutes
  • Utilises existing hook mount technology
  • Prime mover can be utilised throughout the full calendar year

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