Road Stud Drill Installation Unit

Somerford Equipment’s road stud drill installation vehicle provides an effective solution for all stud installation requirements, from surface mounted reflective road studs to milled cat’s eyes.

The vehicle features a tried and tested hydraulically operated stud drilling head. It can also be specified with a powerful suction system for debris removal from milled holes following the cutting procedure. The in-built waste storage area provided with the suction system has a hydraulic tipping facility to ensure quick and effective emptying from the truck side.

All milling and debris suction system controls are mounted inboard of the body complete with operator workstation and seat. They can also be remotely cab operated.

Vehicle Images

  • For rapid installation of milled road studs
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Optional debris removal
  • Bespoke options include additional lining, surface preparation and line removal apparatus

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