Material Manufacturing

Hitex Traffic Safety, part of Hitex International Group, is an independent market leader in the manufacture of road markings, road repairs and treatments, high friction and coloured surfacing and decorative materials.

The company understands the key role of its materials in creating safe and efficient transport infrastructures. It undertake ongoing research and development programmes that deliver innovative road surfacing, road marking and road repair solutions that offer a wealth of efficiencies through enhanced performance and sustainability.  They also provide effective solutions for global contractors to use in a diverse range of climates, terrains and road networks.

Hitex Traffic Safety uses the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing processes to achieve excellence in every finished product. It is committed to delivering outstanding customer service and comprehensive technical back-up to clients both in the UK and globally.

Road marking

Hitex thermoplastic road lining products are renowned all over the world for their excellent performance and durability.

Hitex Traffic Safety provides clients with effective and economical solutions to prevent road traffic accidents and collisions. Its range of enhanced performance thermoplastic material is engineered to target specific safety issues such as wet/night driving and lane drifting caused by tired or inattentive drivers.

Road marking products


High Friction surfacing

Hitex Traffic Safety manufactures BBA/HAPAS Approved Hitex Type 1 for hot application and EcoGrip Type 1 for cold application.

High Friction Surfacing (HFS) or anti-skid surfacing is a road surface treatment specifically engineered to enhance the skid resistance value (SRV) of the surface. In the UK alone, it has provided highway engineers with one of the most effective road safety surfacing measures for over 5 decades, saving countless lives and making a positive impact on the safety of individuals around the world. Hitex Traffic Safety adheres to the most stringent procedures during all testing and manufacturing processes.

High friction surfacing


Coloured Surfacing

Hitex Traffic Safety manufactures a premium quality, colourfast high friction surfacing range for both hot and cold applied application. It is designed for use in a diverse range of traffic calming  projects, from slow pads and junctions to bus and cycle lanes.

Coloured surfacing visually reinforces the message of conventional road markings or signs, reduces traffic contraventions and lowers breaking distances through the enhanced SRV of the surface. The application of coloured surfacing material is a simple but effective way of increasing the safety in specific areas and directly contributes towards reducing accidents.

Coloured surfacing


Decorative surfacing

Working with engineers, landscape architects and local authorities, Hitex Traffic Safety has developed a range of decorative surface finishes to accommodate a wide range of design criteria.

Through continuous product development, the performance of this decorative range of surfacing has been maximised to offer attractive, cost-effective and maintenance-free alternatives to traditional products. Every aspect of the installation process is designed to perfectly blend durability and strength with aesthetic appeal.

Decorative surfacing


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