Road Marking Material Testing Services

At Hitex International Group we share our forty plus years of industry experience to provide industry leading road marking material testing services. Our testing services include the inspection of road markings, high friction surfacing and road repair and treatment products to all of the relevant industry requirements.

Department of Transport through Highways England set minimum performance levels for markings and high friction surfacing. Asset managers must ensure these are met through regular testing and monitoring of retro reflectivity, wear, luminance and skid resistance. Regular annual testing of road markings and anti-skid is vital tool for all asset managers to accurately determine performance levels on their network, and to provide vital safety information that will enhance the planning of highways work and enable budgets to be structured more effectively.

  • Highways Agency approved high-speed ‘Ecodyn’ system, day/night testing to BS EN 1436
  • Retroreflectivity Testing with LTL machine to BS EN 1436
  • Pendulum Skid/ Slip Resistance Testing to BS EN 1436/ BS EN 13036-4
  • Colour Chromaticity/ Luminance Testing to BS EN 1436
  • Elcometer Adhesion Testing to EN13144/ ISO 4624/ ASTM D4541

If you have any questions about any of our road marking materials testing please fill in a materials enquiry, located at the top of every page, and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.