Hitex Traffic Safety

4 Cloister Way, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire
CH65 4EL
+44 (0) 151 355 4100

Hitex Traffic Safety, part of Hitex International Group, is an independent market leader in the manufacture of road markings, road repairs and treatments, high friction and coloured surfacing and decorative materials.

The company understands the key role of its materials in creating safe and efficient transport infrastructures. It undertake ongoing research and development programmes that deliver innovative road surfacing, road marking and road repair solutions that offer a wealth of efficiencies through enhanced performance and sustainability. Hitex Traffic Safety also provides effective solutions for global contractors to use in a diverse range of climates, terrains and road networks.

Road marking material

Road Marking Materials

All grades of hot and cold-applied road marking material for UK and export

High Friction & Coloured Surfacing materials

High Friction & Coloured Surfacing Materials

Thermoplastic, epoxy and PU modified MMA Type 1 and coloured high friction surfacing

Decorative Surfacing Material

Decorative Surfacing Materials

Full range of commercial grade decorative surfacing for a wide range of projects

Road repair and reinstatement

Road Repair & Reinstatement

Permanent, sustainable BBA/HAPAS repair solutions to extend the design life of the road

Road studs and cats eyes

Road Studs & Cats Eyes

StudTex is a unique ‘dry mix’ thermoplastic adhesion system for milled road studs