High Friction Surfacing Materials

Genuine high friction surfacing provides highway engineers with one of the most effective road safety surfacing measures.  Designed to reduce braking distances and skidding, especially in wet conditions, anti-skid surfacing technology is proven to reduce accidents and save lives.

Anti-skid surfacing is a highly effective measure for preventing skid related accidents and the associated financial and potentially human consequences.  Industry studies have demonstrated the direct link between Type 1 anti-skid surfacing and the amount of incident reductions over a wide number countries, over a long period of time. Consequently this evidence proves that high friction surfacing equals safer roads and countless lives saved in both wet and dry conditions.

Hitex Traffic Safety, part of Hitex International Group manufactures premium quality, hot and cold-applied anti-skid material suitable for use in a diverse range of road infrastructure projects, including specialist formulations for export.

High Friction And Coloured Surfacing Products

Type 1 High Friction Surfacing

Hitex thermoplastic, MMA and epoxy Type 1 materials are accredited by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) certification scheme covering products and approved installers and regulated in the UK under the Highways Agency BBA/HAPAS scheme. Type 1 is the highest level of certification applied to high friction products. Numerous evaluation studies have demonstrated the link between Type 1 surfacing and accident reduction.  Type 1 anti-skid surfacing can be used to improve safety in locations such as:

  • Highly trafficked, high stress areas
  • Sharp bends, junctions and motorway slip roads
  • Roundabout and pedestrian crossing approaches
  • Accident black spots

Our Type 1 surfacing is available in various different colours to match any environment.  In addition to the standard buff and dark material, all Type 1 certified products are available with red, blue, yellow and green pigmented bauxite for specific safety schemes. Click on the images below to find out more about our anti-skid surfacing products.

Coloured Anti-Skid Surfacing

The application of coloured surfacing material is a simple and effective way to visually mark out specific areas of the highway to reinforce the message of conventional road markings or signs and reduce dangerous traffic contraventions into specific areas. Using our proven anti-skid surfacing enhances the skid resistance value of the road surface giving lower breaking distances in both dry and wet conditions.  Our coloured high friction products are also ideal for, bus lanes, cycle paths, busy junctions, pedestrian routes and rail crossings. Our coloured anti-skid surfacing is suitable for safety schemes where Type 1 is not specified.

Click on the images below to find out more about our high friction surfacing products.