Research & Development

A safe, efficient transport infrastructure is vital for every country’s economy. With growing populations and annual increases in vehicle numbers and movements, along with further depletion of natural resources, we need to re-think many of the traditional approaches of our industry.

This is why Hitex International Group is committed to the continuous development of products and services to meet the ever changing demands of global road networks.

They include innovative road repair products for road joint and crack repair such as Texband. This preventative solution is used at the early detection of potholes to protect against further deterioration, delivering significant savings to local authorities money and reducing accidents and disruption to traffic movements. In addition, our road safety markings enhance the visibility of road markings in dark and wet conditions, improving road safety for all users and reducing accidents and other incidents.

Hitex International Group’s world-leading research and development facility is where new material developments, technologies and techniques are formulated. The resulting road surfacing and road marking innovations offer a wealth of efficiencies through enhanced performance.

This ongoing investment in research and development will enable Hitex International Group to meet the ever changing needs and demands of customers, partners and the environment, both locally and globally.

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