Road Marking

Road markings (also known as “pavement markings”) are the most recognisable navigational guides for transport networks across the globe. The visual information provided by reflective markings safely guides and controls traffic behaviour in the simplest, most effective way. It is impossible to overstate the importance of road marking and symbols in accident prevention and saving lives.

As a leading global manufacturer and supplier of thermoplastic and MMA road marking material, Hitex International Group understands its responsibility to ensure that every product is made to exacting standards in order to fulfill their vital function on roads and highways.

Hitex International Group also manufactures solutions for more specific requirements such as high performance structured markings for improved wet night visibility and climate-specific export grades.

The quality of our raw materials is never compromised. Hitex International Group instead drives efficiency improvements across the manufacturing process and invests in the latest industry technologies and innovations ensuring clients always receive consistently high quality finished products.

Thermoplastic road markings MMA road markings