HiFlex  NEW!

HiFlex preformed thermoplastic has full BASt certification at the highest P7 level of 4 million wheel-overs, demonstrating its compliance with stringent sustainable road building, constructional durability and quality requirements. This follows on from HiFlex being awarded a similar P7 level certification from the Spanish AETEC wear turntable authorities.

HiFlex is quick to apply with a torch or burner without requiring specialist application equipment, and has formulated to ensure that the surface applied glass beads remain suspended throughout the heating process to ensure maximum retroreflectivity and higher road safety attributes.

HiFlex is available in a comprehensive range of pre-formed symbols and logos, and can be formulated for use in different climates or individual customer performance specifications.

HiFlex data sheet

HiLine & HiBrite

HiLine non-reflective and HiBrite reflective thermoplastic for screed/extrusion application are our most popular ranges. Available in standard and non-standard specifications, Hitex International’s thermoplastic formulations provide a clear and uniform road line with consistently high levels of heat adhesion, colour stability and durability.

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HiLine data sheet

HiBrite data sheet

Hitex Spray

Hitex Spray is designed for pressurised machine application and provides superior heat adhesion, colour stability and line definition even when applied at rapid rates. It is available in a range of road marking performance grades. This thermoplastic spray provides an economical way to rejuvenate standard and profiled road markings that have fallen below specified performance levels.

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Structured Markings

Hitex International is committed to reducing the number of injuries and fatalities on our roads. Enhanced performance structured markings provide effective solutions to target specific safety issues such as such as wet/night driving. Structured or profiled markings are particularly useful where there is little or no street lighting and can be either low or high in profile.


RibLine reflective thermoplastic is a simple but extremely effective solution to prevent lane transgression by inattentive or tired drivers. Applied using specialist machinery from Somerford Equipment, RibLine forms a profiled edge marking with regularly spaced raised ridges. When a vehicle passes over the road marking, a vibratory warning is transferred to the driver. Hitex International’s formulation is designed to maintain its profiled structure and resist slumping throughout its functional life.

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In dark and wet conditions, road users are at their most vulnerable. The castellated profile of Rainsafe structured thermoplastic provides improved water drainage, with the peaks of the road marking visible to the driver above the level of the surface water. Light from vehicle headlights is reflected from the raised peaks, giving the driver an enhanced navigational aid.

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RainSafe data sheet


DotLine provides the safety advantages of a structured road line and a low profile for safe use as a centre line marking. DotLine reflective thermoplastic material is desinged to form raised discs over a continuous base line when applied with specialist machinery from Somerford Equipment. The unique pattern provides improved water drainage and superior levels of retro-reflectivity, particularly in dark and wet driving conditions.

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DotLine data sheet