Road repair and treatments

There is increasing public concern about the deteriorating condition of roads with open cracks, joints, seams and potholes being reported on a daily basis. These road surface failures now affect millions of people.

Over the past 10 years, Hitex Traffic Safety Materials and L&R Roadlines have been committed to a targeted programme of research and development to find permanent and cost effective road repair solutions that extend the operational life of road surfaces.

The key objective has been to develop a preventative product that would encourage a change in the behaviour of those involved in the management of highway assets and end the short-term, hasty, reactive fixes that continue to drain money and further damage public opinion.

The TexBand system has a proven track record with local authorities and the Highways Agency for providing an efficient solution to treat road surface failures. In fact, trial sites laid in 2007 have not required remedial work since installation of TexBand which is still performing to the required standards years after all this time.


TexBand is a BBA/HAPAS Approved fill and over-band system that provides a permanent repair solution for open seams, joints, cracks and potholes. With a proven record of delivering budget savings to local authorities and the Highways Agency, TexBand minimises the potential environmental and financial impact of large road programmes. Benefits that have been identified by long term users of the system include fast installation and curing times without requiring planing or compaction. Other benefits include no further joints created as with mill and fill, no loose chippings, no waste to dispose of and high long term skid resistance values (average SRV of 80.5 after a 3 year road trial).

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TexBand data sheet


StudTex is a unique thermoplastic road stud adhesion system is manufactured using a binder system with graded fillers for improved adhesion compared with traditional bitumen-based systems. It is the only product of its type to be available in an easy-to-use dry powder formulation. The system is also more environmentally friendly as the packaging is meltable, which eliminates the messy and time consuming task of stripping down paper sacks and reduces onsite waste.

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StudTex data sheet

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