Training is a fundamental part of Hitex International Group’s business. The organisation works closely in partnership with contractors across the globe to deliver training on the latest equipment and the provision of skills to enable the best practice installation of Hitex products.

These training programmes can be offered as part of a package including vehicles, equipment, specialist materials and technical support.

Somerford Equipment Operator Training Programmes

Somerford Equipment is a specialist manufacturer of road marking and associated vehicles and equipment. It provides certificated operator training to ensure the safety of operators and maximise the service life through efficient day-to-day maintenance routines.

Textureprint Decorative System Training For Contractors

Textureprint Ltd is a leading specialist installer of the TexPrint system – a tactile surface dressing designed to mimic the appearance of block paving, cobbles, brick setts or paving. It provides contractors with a package of responsive, structured training and ongoing after sales support to help maximise the potential of this innovative and efficient decorative system.

L&R Roadlines Contractor Training

L&R Roadlines provides contractors around the world with full training in the installation of road markings, road safety surfacing, high friction surfacing and road joint and crack repair systems. This includes site preparation and safety, correct use and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, application and aftercare of road marking and surfacing products.



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